Jillian dating

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Jillian dating

“It’s time for your pelvic exam,” the doctor told her matter of factly.

He scooped out a large amount of Vaseline from the jar and began smearing it on her vagina.However, Jillian needed to see a doctor before Monday and he was booked during the week.Fortunately, for Jill Doctor Harper agreed to see her outside of regular business hours.by Gretchen Jillian pulled into to Doctor Harper’s parking lot.There were no cars in the lot other than the doctor’s BMW.Jill had decided to join her college freshman volleyball team at the last minute and was required to get a full exam before she would be allowed to play.

Jillian was extremely nervous because she had never been examined by a gynecologist.

“Please lay back and scoot your bottom to the end of the bed.

Put your feet in the stirrups and spread your legs wide apart, the doctor instructed her.” Jillian didn’t want to be reprimanded anymore so she did as she was told, forgetting that she was still wearing panties Once her legs were in the stirrups and she was at the edge of the bed the doctor came to the front of the table to be the exam.

His touch was gentle at first rubbing in a circular motion, but then he began squeezing the nipple roughly.

“Doctor,” Jillian cried out, “please stop, it hurts.” “Jillian, don’t be childish.

“Alright, Jillian let’s begin the exam,” he told her.