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(Each vinyl also comes with a free CD version of the full 17 track album, exclusive to Suspect Packages) is a concentrated collection of lyrical assaults memoirs, flashback, prospective, foresight, and introspective molded and condensed into 14 superb tracks.

You'll also hear nuff elements of live instrumentation throughout, keys, bass, guitar, drums, double bass, flute & saxaphone all give this impressive album that extra touch.

A concentrated body of work written in 7 hours of simultaneous inspiration, and recorded in one whirlwind session. A combined brainstorm of bars and beats, organically constructed throughout numerous lock in sessions at Ziplock studios North London during the 1st quarter of 2016.

(The first five orders also receive a free limited edition print, signed by Ray Vendetta) .

All tracks are produced by Wickstarr, apart from Vigo Venkmen Vorhes aka VVV aka Triple V aka Cappo, Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage, three Notts bombers bringing an outstanding display of verbal highs to the scene, shining like a lit flare in the sky to brighten up the proceedings.

Rolling with a fresh amount of 808 drum rolls and next level energy, this is most certainly a very special release not to be missed.

with the beats split 50/50 by Ded Tebiase and Benaddict himself.

(Please note, this is a vinyl pre-order due in stock on the 20th Feb, limited copies) Ray Vendetta (New Guardz & Triple Darkness) and Mook (Sons Phonetic) join forces for an 8 track audio plate of reflective, head knodding, nostalgic, moody, thought provoking dark sunshine.Guest features from Sadat X, Mistah Spyce, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sam Hill, John Robinson, T. Plus special guest emcees Conway, Estee Nack, Purpose & Ray Vendetta riding in the passenger seat. Throughout the project he explores themes of spiritualism, existentialism, and his reflection on life, death, pain and joy.Full colour shrink wrapped cover, clear vinyl, enveloped insert, plus free gift. (Please note, this is a limited edition vinyl pre-order, in stock 27th Feb) is not a superficial experience but one which pulls the listener deeper into C. Each track has a part of his mind and soul that touches the listener introspectively.The two Bristol heavyweights combine once again, Sir Beans bringing the powerful beats with veteran don MC Kelz killin' the set over all four productions.Once agin both excelling themselves at their chosen artforms. An incredible release from Son Of Sam, a killer live band consisting of Tom Caruana, John & Joe Sam and Richard Halligan.The result is incredible, Giallo comes on top form with the production, watch out now. Comes with a free A3 poster printed on high quality glossy coated 170g paper & Fxck Rxp sticker. These are 19 monolithic bangers cast in raw concrete with the aggregate exposed. Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor and Ghost Town spent the Summer of 2012 penning songs in Holloway, North London.