Origin of dating

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Still, by 1961 there were only 100 dogs registered in the USA.Attempting to keep the breed recognized, in 1963 the Texas Shih Tzu Society merged with the Shih Tzu Club of America.

Look at these comparisons: Julius Caesar's "The Gallic Wars" (10 manuscripts remain, with the earliest one dating to 1,000 years after the original autograph); Pliny the Younger's "History" (7 manuscripts; 750 years elapsed); Thucydides' "History" (8 manuscripts; 1,300 years elapsed); Herodotus' "History" (8 manuscripts; 1,300 years elapsed); Sophocles (193 manuscripts; 1,400 years); Euripides (9 manuscripts; 1,500 years); and Aristotle (49 manuscripts; 1,400 years).

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Moreover, every time a researcher appears to uncover the definitive source, another one crops up to refute the former's claim, at the same time that it raises new, intriguing facts. He had written a book in which he had included the prayer, without attribution, but which resulted in the prayer's appearance in many different places, such as army officer's halls, schools and other institutions.

They were highly trained and meticulously observed, counting every letter, word and paragraph against master scrolls.

A single error would require the immediate destruction of the entire text.

Homer's "Iliad", the most renowned book of ancient Greece, has 643 copies of manuscript support.

In those copies, there are 764 disputed lines of text, as compared to 40 lines in all the New Testament manuscripts (Norman L. Nix, A General Introduction to the Bible, Moody, Chicago, Revised and Expanded 1986, p. In fact, many people are unaware that each of William Shakespeare's 37 plays (written in the 1600's) have gaps in the surviving manuscripts, forcing scholars to "fill in the blanks." This pales in textual comparison with the over 5,300 copies and fragments of the New Testament that, together, assure us that nothing's been lost.

D.), and author of the book, Consolations of Philosophy.