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On , Buck hung in the background, playing pool and throwing warnings at all of 50’s newest foes and dumping all his money on the floor when 50 told him to.When 50 made an offhand bullshit comment about how Lil Wayne is a good rapper who doesn’t know how to make good songs, Buck started ranting that he’d expose Wayne and end Wayne’s career.

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Rappers are no exception to the rule, so we’ve decided to freshen your memory with some really random rap couples that you probably forgot about.

On the track, Buck talks about how Wayne had at one point gotten frustrating with Baby’s accounting practices and considered leaving Cash Money.

Of course, that’s not really a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention to Cash Money over the last few years.

her ex Lil' Wayne (who currently has a girlfriend named Dhea) misses her.

Watch Lil' Wayne profess his love for the rapstress inside and see pics of Diddy, Ludacris and others partying with Monica. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals that had him wanting that old thing back.

Buck’s Wayne dis is called “Class Is In Session,” and it’s a relatively unremarkable piece of mixtape-boilerplate menace, with rattling drizzly beat and Buck doing his baby-Scarface snarl.

Buck also tosses a few warnings at new G-Unit target DJ Khaled, but that’s nowhere near as important as Buck’s new campaign against Wayne.

It was a weird role for Buck, the best rapper in the crew and the only one with an audience that extends even a little bit outside G-Unit’s base.

I was hoping either he or 50 would pull the trigger and Buck would take his rightful place in the Southern rap constellation as something other than a G-Unit backup guy.

And he removed 50 Cent’s anti-Cam’ron rant from the end of his song “Hold On.” 50 Cent didn’t take too kindly to this sudden burst of independence; in one interview soon after, he said that he’d be willing to kick out any G-Unit member whose name wasn’t Tony Yayo and that Buck in particular shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Up until that point, Buck had served as the crew’s most loyal and reliable enforcer, the guy who’d unthinkingly back 50 Cent up on whatever ridiculous feud he was starting that week.

Last month, 50 included a few cursory lines about Wayne on an unbelievably halfassed love-song called “Part Time Lover,” but they were mostly just grumbling digressions about Wayne kissing Birdman.