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Texting has the power to make or break a relationship. So enjoy the following interaction between Nathan and the girls he messaged.And emphasis on BREAK when you are a complete moron. He made a MAJOR rookie mistake when it comes to juggling or trying to woo multiple people. They are total queens and if this ever happens to you, definitely follow suit.

They definitely poked fun at his expense, and he surely regretted his mistake.

For example, if a woman’s cheekbone stuck out 0.3 percent more than the average woman’s cheekbones do, the program would generate a male face with cheekbones that stuck out 0.3 percent more than the male average.

Women were more likely to rate faces as attractive that had been manipulated to match their own. De Bruine of Mc Master University showed that people are more likely to rate faces similar to their attractive when it’s the same sex than photos of the opposite sex. is a product of specialized responses to facial resemblance as a cue of kinship,” De Bruine wrote; it helps us “favor kin in a non-sexual prosocial context and avoid kin in a mating context.” In other words, her theory is that it’s all part of the brain’s recognition mechanism that helps us be nice to family members — and avoid incest.

Users post mini-updates on their profiles that answer simple questions such as "What did you do last night?

" Whether they read a book, saw a concert or watched TV, the hope is that it will give others a reason to connect.

On the invite-only site, only you, your friends and people connected to you by fewer than three degrees are visible.

When you’re browsing profiles, you can see how you’re connected to each person, and your friends can make match suggestions for you.

If you're a man, you need to be a verified graduate of a school on the site's list of "top universities." Payment also works a bit differently than traditional dating sites. Men pay a small fee to start conversations, which theoretically prevents them from spamming everyone on the site.

Upside: Men have to invest each time they communicate and are less likely to do so when they aren't sincerely interested.

To send such a message, however, you'll need to fork over between .99 and .99 per month depending on how long you commit. Soul2Match promises to match singles based solely on one piece of information from each of them: their headshot.

Founders Jorn Eiting and Linda van Liempt are serious.

So far I have gotten one message on the network: "you are a fake!

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