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Then they repossessed the vehicle because it appeared I was not making monthly payments.The dealership that financed the vehicle through Santander should also be held liable.

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I know I am not the only who has problems with this company. Investigations should be made into Predatory lending, unlawful repossession, thought i was making payments on vehicle but everything was going to interest.

I ready hated this company but it was the only one that would give me a car loan.

I had a Santander Loan that was just paid off this September 2017 and My husband and mother have a loan through them on their van. I have looked at multiple numbers on my loan and their loan and none of the numbers add up.

This is predatory lending and the constant harassment calls don't make it better. The cheese is the car the fiance is the trap I would like to get in on this lawsuit. I was unable to make the payments for a few months.

This company must be stopped with their over the top interest rates. I purchased a 2014 for fusion in 2014 I was able to make my payments for almost a year totaling 585.00 a month, combined with 150.00 full coverage insurance it felt as if I Was making a house payment instead of a car payment. It has pretty much ruined my life and stressed me beyond max.1. When I went to make a payment I found out my loan had been closed and my vehicle was up for reporting.

My name is Rita Johnson I too have had a car financed with Santander’ they have lied to me twice saying they would work with me on my car next thing I knew they come and repossess my car without notice I’ve paid for that car already had it for four years and my balance is never going down they have ripped me off help!

I met with 2 Consumer Attorney's earlier today, with almost 5 years of my payment records.It never ran properly and Freedom Chevrolet did not assist or try to help me.They repossessed the vehicle and I paid out two payments because they would not fix it and my truck was in good shape and better than the Arcadia. I purchased my vehicle for 17,000 4 years ago and my balance is still 17,000. I have been late before also I called and asked them how much of my money went to the principal in that time, not one penny went to the principal no I'm serious not one penny of my 15k of car payments went to the principal. If you can't help me please stop them from doing this to anybody else.These tactics include making repeated and harassing calls to plaintiffs' phones.If you or a loved one has suffered similar damages or injuries, please click the link below and your complaint will be sent to a lawyer who may evaluate your claim at no cost or obligation.My trade was completely paid off, now I have no vehicle.

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