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"In Qasab village of Chardara, a NATO tank was blown up by a mine, planted on the road by our mujahideen," the group said in a statement posted on a rebel website.It claimed that the tank was "completely destroyed and 13 soldiers inside the vehicle were killed or wounded." The statement said that the attack was part of a "spring offensive," announced by the militants on Wednesday.

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The Defense Ministry plans to decide on a US request to widen combat operations on Wednesday."I understand that troop deployments are very difficult to push through in Germany for domestic political reasons, but there are also international commitments that we all have to meet," Mackay said.Canada had lost more than 80 soldiers in operations, mainly in combat operations in Kandahar province, he noted."During the Taliban time, they were very active in this area, and now they still have their loyalists, whom they can use for this kind of attacks," the governor said.Taliban claim responsibility as part of new offensive The Taliban took responsibility for the attack in Kunduz.Danish soldier killed in firefight with Taliban In an earlier attack in southern Afghanistan, a Danish soldier was killed and another wounded in a firefight with Taliban insurgents, according to a statement from ISAF.

The Danes were on patrol Wednesday in Helmand province, a hotbed of Taliban activity, when they came under fire in the Gereshk area, the ISAF spokesman in the province, British Lieutenant Colonel Simon Miller, told reporters.

Two other Danes were killed March 17 in an attack on an ISAF convoy.

Denmark has about 550 troops in Helmand, where most international soldiers with ISAF are British.

"We are expecting the Taliban to rely very heavily on IED roadside bombs and suicide attacks," Wardak said.

Pressure has been growing on Germany to deploy some of its forces to help combat the Taliban insurgency in the more volatile south of the country.

Mackay expressed admiration for Germany and said German troops wanted to do more in Afghanistan.

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