Vb updating combobox value

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For example, if a column is hidden after it is automatically sized to fit a large cell value, the hidden column will not change its size if the row containing the large cell value is deleted.

The enumerations used by sizing properties and methods have similar values for content-based sizing.

Use content-based automatic resizing with caution when working with large amounts of data.

The value of this property is based on the column's Auto Size Mode property value unless that value is Not Set, in which case the control's Auto Size Columns Mode value is inherited.

You will typically call the programmatic resizing methods at specific times.

It is also useful to provide initial sizes for user-resizable rows, columns, and headers, and for column fill mode.

You can also configure rows, columns, and headers to automatically adjust their sizes to fit their cell contents.

For more information about this mode, see the Column Fill Mode section below.

You can customize sizing behaviors when working with derived Data Grid View cell, row, and column types by overriding the Data Grid View Cell. The protected resizing method overloads are designed to work in pairs to achieve an ideal cell height-to-width ratio, avoiding overly wide or tall cells.

For example, you might programmatically resize all columns immediately after loading data, or you might programmatically resize a specific row after a particular cell value has been modified. Get Preferred Width() methods or by calling protected resizing method overloads in a derived Data Grid View control.

Note: If you maintain cell values in a custom data cache using virtual mode, automatic sizing occurs when the user edits a cell value but does not occur when you alter a cached value outside of a Cell Value Pushed event handler.

In this case, size adjustment occurs whenever cell contents change.

If content-based automatic sizing is enabled for one dimension only—that is, for rows but not columns, or for columns but not rows—and Wrap Mode is also enabled, size adjustment also occurs whenever the other dimension changes.

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    In this case, call the Update Cell Value method to force the control to update the cell display and apply the current automatic sizing modes.

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