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I do ~175 KM daily commute to work – in peak hour traffic – most of the way is 100 – 110 KM/H speed limit but there is usually some slow down or stop-start congestion as well. An explanation I was given was that the tyres fitted to the vehicle was simply based on stock availability at the time of production, although I can't say how accurate that claim may be. I've only got 400 odd k's on the clock so I'll see if it gets better.

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Congrats, I've had mine a week today, it's white also. Washed it, used clay bar, washed again, used a really light resin polish and then an extra gloss sealant. I noticed some really fine scratches (others may not have even seem them) when I picked it up but all gone now. Has a CRDi badge on the back and no sticker on the engine cover. Note the device on the exhaust pipe with the heat shielding around it.https://

Putting a little too much trust in technology I think. Was hoping someone with the sticker in engine bay could compare theirs.

Hi scootx and others Picked up my DM3 HL yesterday.

Hi guys, I've noticed in the navigation settings under sound, I've got 2 options greyed out. For all those wishing to learn more about the IGO GPS and HERE mapping, an excellent site is

"Say road names in native language" and also the foreign language setting. fid=16 While it can be a bit technical, it is a great source for understanding the IGO software which I understand is installed on the Santa Fe.

I think its right about tyre stocks, mine has hankook and others that were delivered at the time had hankooks to (mine is my13), went back in for servicing and new ones still my13 had kuhmo, so I would say whatever is in stock from suppliers.

Hankooks are amazing, I've just hitting 62,000km and still on original set of tyres and still have plenty of tread.

I'd wait till after you have had the 1500km check, engine needs time to wear in. However urban driving really varies in terms of fuel economy for us it's between 9-10.5L depending on the amount of stop/starts. Any specific brand you are finding more beneficial? I was averaging 7.1L/100 so I should get 900k out of a tank at that consistent economy.

In terms of cruise control always use this for long haul drives and never worry about eco setting as it seems to make fuel economy worse. Had a few cars pull into my lane which triggered braking (quite significant on a couple of occasions} if the car was closer than the setting applied. My distance to refuelling was in the 500's with approx 200km travelled. Is it measuring the distance to ¼ of a tank approx?

Now to replace the 7 pin round plug on the trailer to fit the new 7 pin flat one on the car.

Hope this helps Does anyone else feel a slight jolt during prolonged braking, such as long traffic lights?

For those wanting the current Aus map, Q315 can be down loaded by members. Ken PS I am not an expert so would not be able to help or give advice, however I will post anything I might find out when I have had the chance to play with my new SF. I use fuely to monitor average fuel use and in metro after 2 tanks of diesel it was about .5 worse than average. Never had a new car sit around that long before compliance, Hyundai must have a lot of stock or they just take forever to get here!

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