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Which, by the way, isn't necessarily a bad approach.JDating can be a good strategy for non-Jews, she says, as long as they're honest about their intentions particularly with themselves.

Unbeknownst to many Terrence J’s got a gorgeous girlfriend.For us, it's more complicated." And the appeal of Jewish women to non-Jewish men? On the topic of stereotypes, the non-Jewish men trawling JDate, as you may have guessed, do not write things like, "ISO whiny, frigid Rhonda Weiss/Sookie Sapperstein who'll let me hold her purse while she shops." Rather, they seem to come from the some-of-my-best-friends/girlfriends school.("Maybe it's because I went to good schools and work on Wall Street," one guy suggests in his profile.) Many mention an affinity for their view of Jewish culture: "very tight-knit;" "the food is great." Another fellow told me, "I really like Jewish people," citing, among other things, the Jews' "great sense of humor," which he finds similar to that of his own Eastern European kin."A generation ago, one of the reasons intermarriage rates were low was that non-Jews weren't interested in marrying Jews," notes Dr. Many of the non-J JDaters I encountered indicated a willingness to convert and/or raise Jewish children "for the right person." But for others despite evidence among young people of a growing interest in the real God stuff of religion interest in Judaism as a faith was often intellectual at most.Kerry Olitzky, executive director of The Jewish Outreach Institute, which works to bring Judaism to interfaith families and the unaffiliated. "I am much more interested in Judaism as the cradle for some of the most transforming thinkers of the last couple of centuries Freud, Marx, Einstein," the Eastern European guy told me.(More conservative Jewish dating sites do.) "The site is designed for Jewish singles there's no way to make that clearer," she says.

"We just want to make sure everyone has the tools they need to represent themselves openly and honestly." Sure, there are a few wise guys, like the fellow who befuddled my friend Abby by saying "Like everyone, I'm a little bit Jewish," or the one who outright lied to my friend Monica that he was a Reform Jew.

(Then again, he also failed to mention that he was living in Nigeria.) But in general, the non-Jews on JDate are not shy.

Click around a bit, and you'll easily find member profiles declaring "I AM NOT JEWISH!!!

"Some people are at a loss as to why they're still single," she says, so it's very tempting to turn to magical, rabbit's-foot thinking.

"Instead of trying to evaluate any bad choices you might be making, it's easier to say something like, 'Dating someone Jewish is the answer.'" Whatever the particulars or psychology of the attraction, there's also a sense that it's a little trendy to date Jews.

Going Gentile Into That Good Night Why are non-Jews flocking to Jdate.com?

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    I'm not going to date so many 30-year-olds because there's not enough life experience.