Updating iphone takes forever

10-Sep-2020 03:25 by 10 Comments

Updating iphone takes forever

Otherwise, you can skip this troubleshooting and contact Apple Support for other options.

In this post, we will attempt to address one of these problems, in which the i Phone 7 Plus is stuck at ‘Waiting’ status.

However, not all i Phone owners are getting positive experience with this new Apple device.

Recent reports have it that some i Phone 7 Plus users have experienced some issues that occur during apps download, software update installation, and i OS system restore.

Downloading, installing, and updating software also requires your i Phone to have sufficient memory space to allocate newly added contents.

Although this is unlikely the case considering that what you have is a new device with high-storage capacity, checking the phone’s memory status is still highly recommended.

Network problems appeared to be the most common factor that triggers an i Phone to be stuck on the ‘waiting’ state.

Tasks like apps download and installation, software update, and i OS restore requires a stable network connection in order to be completed successfully.

Also check if there are any on-going outages that may have affected the Internet service in your location.

You may contact your Internet service provider (ISP) for that matter, especially if the problem occurs all of a sudden.

Thus, if the network is not stable or always cutting off, then most likely any of these processes would not be completed.

And the ‘Waiting’ prompt should serve as a system note telling you that the process could not be completed due to intermittent connection.

Your i Phone can also be stuck at ‘waiting’ while attempting to download an app from the App Store and the Apple server is busy or temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or system revamp.