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NSW Police said the man allegedly approached Mr Ledinh and 'shot him a number of times at close range'.

A game with a spider went all wrong for Leroy Horton, from Bondi Sydney, when the spider pounced toward him.The 38-year-old man was arrested by NSW homicide squad at Sydney International Airport Tuesday morning before boarding a flight to Bali.Ho Ledinh, 65, (pictured left with his wife and children) was gunned down as he sat outside Happy Cup cafe in a prominent shopping strip in Bankstown, in the city's west, on January 23 (top left and right).There's also a sneak peek at the store's sleek new interior (bottom right).Over the past few months clever interior design pros have been sharing their genius Kmart 'hacks' and thrifty creations on social media.A former Labor senator has described Parliament House (inset) as a place where lots of sex happens.

Sam Dastyari (top right), a federal politician from 2013 until last year, said MPs were making love with their staff and journalists when they weren't making laws. The amount of r**ting that goes on in a place like Canberra in Parliament House,' he said, adding it was a 'weird kind of environment'.'I don't know most of the neighbours, but they're presumably very rich.What sort of people call it a piece of sh** and an embarrassment?Braxton Cherry (pictured) is so allergic to dust mites that even walking on unvacuumed carpet or sleeping in bedding that is more than a day unwashed causes his face to swell up and excruciating rashes to break out all over his body.His allergies to gluten, dairy products, fish, nuts and soya beans cause him to scratch so hard that he has to be wrapped in bandages.A 'high level group' of senior leaders is expected to report to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) on its findings in London in April, which is expected to be the last the Queen (pictured left inspecting a guard of honour in Malta; and inset greeting the President of Malta with Prince Philip on May 28, 1992) will attend.