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In 2012, the board hired professional executives to help raise money and keep the Institute profitable.Until 2016, Esalen offered over 500 workshops yearly In February 2017, the Institute was cut off when Highway 1 was closed on either side of the hot springs.

Today students all over the world follow the practices set up by Price in guidance, healing and the process and principles.

She had previously refused to lease the property to anyone, even turning down an earlier request from Michael.

She was afraid her grandson was going to "give the hotel to the Hindus," Murphy later said.

The philosophy of Esalen lies in the idea that "the cosmos, the universe itself, the whole evolutionary unfoldment is what a lot of philosophers call slumbering spirit.

The divine is incarnate in the world and is present in us and is trying to manifest,” according to Murphy.

Not long after, Thompson attempted to visit the baths with friends and got into a fistfight when some of the gay men jumped him. Murphy's father, a lawyer, finally persuaded his mother to allow her grandson to take over Murphy and Price were assisted by Spiegelberg, Watts, Huxley and his wife Laura, as well as by Gerald Heard and Gregory Bateson.

They modeled the concept of Esalen partially upon Trabuco College, founded by Heard as a quasi-monastic experiment in the mountains east of Irvine, California, and later donated to the Vedanta Society.

Esalen was founded by Stanford graduates Michael Murphy and Dick Price in 1962.

Their intention was to support alternative methods for exploring human consciousness, what Aldous Huxley described as "human potentialities".

Other workshops cover a wide range of subjects including arts, health, Gestalt, integral thought, martial arts, massage, dance, mythology, philosophical inquiry, somatics, spiritual and religious studies, ecopsychology, wilderness experience, yoga, tai chi, mindfulness practice, and meditation.

The Institute was closed for the first half of 2017 and forced to drastically reduce staff.

They also decided to revamp their offerings upon reopening to include topics more relevant to a younger generation., Michael Cornwall, who previously worked in the Institutes' Schizophrenia Research Project at Agnews State Hospital, was conducting workshops titled the Alternative Views and Approaches to Psychosis Initiative at Esalen.