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Mob no for adult chat - Sex soani liban

Curious to know who it was you call back and find you have dialled an adult chat line or some other premium rate number.

So don't go paying for something that you won't be able to use all the time.Unless you happened to be able to remember the phone number of everyone you knew, Caller Display's usefulness was severely limited. Connected to a home computer or television set top box, caller ID is a powerful tool for home businesses as well as control freaks who like to know who's calling before they answer the phone and those who don't want to be disturbed unnecessarily from their favourite television programme.With a modem which is compatible with your particular phone operator's caller ID system and low cost software downloadable from the internet, it's simple to turn a home office computer into what a few years ago would have been an expensive call centre workstation.Tell the software the relevant telephone number and your phone won't even ring when they call - instead they'll simply hear a pre-recorded message saying calls from that number are no longer accepted.Withholding information It is possible for anyone making a call to withhold the caller ID information that is normally sent down the phone line (on BT lines by dialling 141 before making the call) but caller ID software can also be made to reject all calls which withhold the caller ID information.What if you don't have a computer at home but don't want to be disturbed by the mother-in-law (or father-in-law) when you've settled down in front of a film or a big game on the television?

Get a caller ID set top box which superimpose the name and number of incoming callers on your television screen - so you can decide before you answer whether you want to take the call (an elderly relative who may need help, for example) or an unwelcome chatterbox who'll make you miss the rest of the film.Nigel, UK I'm at univeristy in Scotland and depend on my mobile phone caller display to ensure that I don't answer my Mother's calls when I'm in the pub. Matthew Maguire, Scotland If you decide after the fact that you don't wish for your number to be available to someone through 1471, you can remove it by dialling 1475.That software would be a god-send, just imagine, next time I'm out for a session - "I'm sorry I can't answer your call Mother, I'm in the library! Unfortunately you have to do this from the phone of the person you just called, which reduces its usefulness.But when you phone the boss from the airport to say you're sick at the start of a long weekend, it's worth remembering that they just might be. Now, at no extra cost, I get all networks and many international numbers at no extra cost yet we must still SUBSCRIBE to this service from BT.Chris Devine, UK I think this is a really brilliant idea. I would certainly use this service if it was not too expensive.I believe this was added in order to comply with the Data Protection Act. (1) not all UK networks transfer it across (2) Company networks do not normally send out the required DDI number (3) why pay for someting that mobiles give away free, as you also have to pay for the hardware.

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