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Personals dating circle - updating tom tom maps

What rituals would you like to implement on a daily basis, rules for yourself to keep you in check. Remember once you enter a relationship and you have a plan, you this submissive will have to adapt to the Dominants way, his surroundings, his needs and wants. At times you do not feel submissive and staying in that frame of mind is not always an easy task, so putting a game plan into action can make all the difference in the world. If is up to you for the most part keeping yourself in that submissive mode.

If you just give and give and get nothing in return, what do you really gain?

If you want a 24/7 why would you try to connect to someone who only wants the bedroom. The world of submission and Dominance can be a very beautiful thing. Maybe your told you are a slave, when in fact your not , but you will go along with what ever because you feel this is the right Dominant.

The ability to be as open as you want, the open communication like you have never had before. Never allow yourself to be pushed into a corner, and if you are speak your mind.

The new Dominant will know you are not a push over.

He will know you know what your talking about, and your not going to be an easy target.

It does not matter what is said prior to entering a relationship. Another good thing to do is write, not on a daily basis, or hourly but when you feel like it. This is your private get away place, your own little world.

The book would be called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly .

You need to give a truthful answer, you need to share your feelings.

If you are not allowed to speak your mind, or share your thoughts and feelings, then you have the wrong Dominant.

Maybe instead of 30 days of Submission, you should think about doing 30 days of Interviewing , while your sharing your 30 days of submission.

Because until you commit to such a relationship you are the one who says yes I can or no I cannot.

Now most will say before you meet, there will be no eye contact, you will address me as Sir. Again this is not the case because you do not know if this Dominant is for you.

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