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CEOP helps young people who are being sexually abused or are worried that someone they’ve met is trying to abuse them. Confidential means not telling anyone else what you’ve said.

With over 2 billion people on the internet there are plenty of people to meet.However, not everyone you chat to online will be who they say they are.Even if you’ve been chatting to the same person for ages and you feel like you know them, you need to remember it’s very easy to lie on the internet.Friends with Benefits was originally developed for ABC with a script order given by the network in September 2009.However, the network did not green-light a pilot for the potential series, allowing NBC to pick up the project.It can be fun chatting to people who are interested in the same stuff as us.

Some people online will genuinely just want to chat or be friends.

This might be someone: If this is happening to you, or you’re worried that it might be, you can report this to CEOP. They would only need to tell someone else if: Call them on 0800 1111. You can also visit to speak to a counsellor online. Child Line is a free helpline for children and young people. Share your experiences with other young people Talk to other young people about your experiences and get support at the Child Line messageboards.

Whatever may have happened you won’t be in trouble.

Have you met someone online and you’re not sure they are who they say they are? Is someone trying to take things further by showing you porn or asking you to do sexual stuff on webcam?

They will work on a desktop, a laptop or a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

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    Each year we can help beneficiaries review their current plan and discuss changes if needed during Medicare Open Enrollment (October 15th – December 7th). Are you struggling paying for your prescription drug costs?