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“Blockade running” with fast ships will significantly aid the South in the first years. He had contemplated the Confederate offer for 2 days after his resignation. Virginia breaks from Virginia as it votes to stay in the Union along with Delaware, Maryland, Missouri and Kentucky even though they are slave states. Congress votes and puts out the call for 500,000 men. Mc Clellen as Commander of the Army of the Potomac. The Union forces under “Little Mac” will be attacked and pressed away from Richmond. Johnston wounded at Seven Pines as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia.

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Etched in history when he yells “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” while fighting his way through a Mississippi River minefield.

During the hundred years era of this collection (1800 to 1900) tourniquets were made of cast brass, with brass or steel buckles and in the very late part of the century, German silver or plated with nickel.

The earliest straps were generally a colorless plain white cloth strap about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

I mention this because there were many French instruments imported into the states and colonies.

Due to the variations in the size, the fixed size of the slot in the case will determine the 'fit' and may help determine the originality of a given tourniquet.

Scott was a hero in the Mexican-American and the Indian Wars also. Scott is 74 years in 1861.will offer the command of the Union army to Lee on April 17. Union General Pope has had his supply lines cut by CSA General Jackson. When his last attack against the CSA line fails, he is counterattacked by the greatest simultaneous assault of the war.

November 1,1861…General Winfield Scott resigns and the command of the Federal Army is given to Mc Clellen who offers confidence to Lincoln stating “I can do it all” November 8,1861…The Union Navy stops 2 Confederate diplomats sailing for England. Lincoln states “one war at a time” and ends a diplomatic standoff by releasing them. S.”Unconditional Surrender” Grant receives the first major victories for the Union. Considered victories by both sides, Southern war sentiment will increase as Northern war sentiment hits a low. Halleck now General-in-Chief of Federal forces August 29-30,1862…

April 16,1862…The Confederate Conscription Act enacts a draft to fill the CSA ranks.

Grant will win day 2 and call it a Federal victory when the rebels retire falling back to Corinth.

Tourniquets are used to stop blood flow in arteries and veins.

They are mechanical instruments for ligating a limb or artery to stop bleeding prior to amputation or surgery.

Most amputation sets will have at least one and sometimes more than one tourniquets, depending the maker.

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