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As to the oil used in this consecration, we find the particulars in Exodus (xxx, 23, 24; xxxvii, 29).

Similarly, the rites of consecration of objects -- such as temples, altars, firstfruits, spoils of war, etc. Among the Romans whatever was devoted to the worship of their gods (fields, animals, etc.) was said to be consecrated , and the objects which pertained intimately to their worship (temples, altars, etc.) were said to be dedicated.

These words were, however, often used indiscriminately, and in both cases it was understood that the object once consecrated or dedicated remained sacred in perpetuum.

The Church distinguishes consecration from blessing, both in regard to persons and to things.

Hence the Roman Pontifical treats of the consecration of a bishop and of the blessing of an abbot, of the blessing of a corner-stone and the consecration of a church or altar.

The consecration of a church is also called its dedication (q.v.) in accordance with the distinction between consecration and dedication among the ancient Romans pointed out above.

To these might be probably added confirmation and Holy orders, for which, however, the Roman Pontifical, because they are distinct sacraments, has retained their proper names.

It is called transubstantiation , for in the Sacrament of the Eucharist the substance of bread and wine do not remain, but the entire substance of bread is changed into the body of Christ, and the entire substance of wine is changed into His blood, the species or outward semblance of bread and wine alone remaining. Outside of Rome the consecration out to be performed, if it can be conveniently done, in the cathedral of the diocese, and within the province of the bishop-elect; the latter may, however, select any church or chapel for the ceremony. Titular bishops forfeit their right of episcopal dignity unless they are consecrated within six months of their appointment ( Benedict XIV, Const. The ceremony of consecration of a bishop is one of the most splendid and impressive known to the Church.

This change is produced in virtue of the words: This is my body and This is my blood , or This is the chalice of my blood , pronounced by the priest assuming the person of Christ and using the same ceremonies that Christ used at the Last Supper. The selection of the assistant bishops or priests is left to the consecrator, whose choice is, however, understood to be in harmony, with the wishes of the bishop-elect (Martinucci, Lib. A bishop must be consecrated before the expiration of three months after his election or appointment. It may be divided into four parts: The preludes , the consecration proper , the presentation of the insignia , and the conclusion .

Distinct from the priestly consecration is that of the Levites ( Numbers 3:6 ) who represent the first-born of all the tribes.

The rite of their consecration is described in Numbers, viii.

The ordinary minister of a consecration is a bishop, whilst the ordinary minister of a blessing is a priest.