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The team–led by glaciologist Howard Conway of the University of Washington in Seattle and geologist Brenda Hall of the University of Maine, Orono–used radar to image old layers within the ice, which revealed its growth and decay over time.The researchers also used radiocarbon dating to analyze the ages of organic material left high and dry on beaches as the ice sheet melted away to expose land, which rises as the weight is lifted during the ice’s retreat.

Biafra was undergoing conflict as a result of its split from Nigeria, and the conflict caused widespread starvation and spread of disease through the region.

Hector Pietersen was one of thousands of students killed by police, and in this picture, he is being carried away by grieve-stricken fellow student Mbuyisa Makhubu and his sister Antoinette Sithole.

The picture brought the brutality of South Africa’s racial segregation to the fore.

The relentless melting would continue even without human-induced climate changes, he believes."This is top-notch work," says glaciologist Robert Bindschadler of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

The study bolsters a fragile consensus that gradual retreat, rather than sudden collapse, is the most likely fate of the ice sheet during the next few thousand years, he says.

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These and other methods revealed a pattern of steady retreat at an average rate of 120 meters per year over the last 7500 years.

"We suspect this is an ongoing and long-term natural cycle triggered by rising sea levels at the end of the last ice age," says Conway.

The picture brought into light the struggle of citizens there, and influenced public opinion, pressured governments to take action, and led to massive airlifts of food, medicine and weapons.

1993 Starving Child and Vulture Photographer Kevin Carter took this photograph of an emaciated toddler who had collapsed on the way to a feeding center in Sudan in 1993.

Carter won a Pulitzer for his image, however, he took his life in 1994, citing that he was haunted by the images of death he took throughout his career.

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