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Also for any outstanding checks, please only provide those that the payee still has the right to claim and have been outstanding for a period of over 3 months.

Please consider as responsive the entire email “threads” containing any record responsive to this request regardless whether any part of that thread falls outside the search parameter. [email protected]​​• Records concerning credits, overages, or refunds that are due on an overpayment or duplicate payment of taxes. • Unclaimed, uncashed, undeliverable, staled-dated, voided, overdue and/or outstanding payments or checks/warrants issued and owed by The State of Oregon.If the cost would be greater than this amount, please notify me.Please provide a receipt indicating the charges for each document.24 letter sent to Michael Schmidt from the federal Department of Justice concerning the state's sanctuary status and any subsequent correspondence from Director Schmidt or the Governor's Office to U. DOJ.​*All the information about the plan First Net sent to the Governor's Office in late September and your state's response to First Net or the First Responder Network Authority.*Any requests by state officials for access to inspect national First Net contracts and MOUs with AT&T.​​Communications between ODOT and the Governor or her office regarding unauthorized use and activities on ODOT Real Estate, including: • A description of the activities, options to address, consideration of pros and cons of each option and any direction from the Governor’s office to ODOT or other agencies; • Past costs and future budget to address unauthorized use and activities; and, • Other communications on the topic of unauthorized use and activities on ODOT Real Estate.​​Any and all information regarding the supposed posting of Columbia County Justice Court vacancy filling opportunity.

I am interested in applying for said opportunity and have seen nothing posted within the Justice Court jurisdiction.​​Pursuant to the Oregon open records law, ORS 192.410 to 192.505, I write to request a copy of all emails to [email protected] to the email provided below.All records and communications from 8-15-17 to 10-17-17 between your office and any Oregon Health Authority (“OHA”) staff member, including but not limited to Director Patrick Allen and CFO Laura Cali Robison, pertaining to the overpayment of approximately million in Medicaid funds to health care providers and organizations. All records and communications from 1-1-17 to 10-31-17 between your office and former OHA Director Lynne Saxton, pertaining to the overpayment of approximately million in Medicaid funds to health care providers and organizations. All records and communications from 7-1-17 to 10-31-17 between your office and any person containing the phrases “Varsha Chauhan,” “Varsha,” or “Dr.Chauhan.” This request includes communications that are (1) internal among your office, (2) between your office and the Oregon Health Authority, and (3) between your office and any other person or organization. Search terms should include, but not be limited to: i. 74 m or 74 million I would appreciate hearing back from you or your counsel at your earliest convenience with respect to a timeline for production of these records.We request records on the University’s system, e.g., its backend logs, not those which survive on a faculty member’s own machine or account. • Unclaimed Bonds or deposits on hand that are redeemable upon request from payee. If some of this request is exempt from release, please release the remainder of the record which is allowed.** The entire request including specifics of data delivery issues has also been sent by hard copy email to certain relevant officials. Please provide all requested records that are greater than 0, are claimable (The obligation to the payee has not been voided by law), The funds have not been turned over to the abandoned property office, and the funds are not in the process of being issued or reissued.If you choose to deny my request, please provide a written explanation for the denial including a reference to the specific statutory exemption(s) upon which you rely.

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