Mormon religion and dating

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Mormon religion and dating - rosie bowie dating

Knowing the relationship would be short-lived, J(1) didn’t make an issue of religion at the time.

But even as I did, I contemplated canceling that one, too.

And they had been insurmountable in that relationship.

Given J(2)’s apparent commitment to either completely understanding my belief himself or convincing me of its error, there seemed no way to navigate our differences of belief.

J(2) identified himself as agnostic on his profile. We’d talked about both of those things while chatting and we both felt like it was worth meeting in spite of those differences.

We had a wonderful first date and dated for about ten weeks.

Having been deeply hurt, I associated that hurt with the problems arising from religious difference and resolved that, for my own sake, I shouldn’t pursue relationships with non-Mormon men.

Since my relationship with J(2) ended, my immediate rejection of dating more non-Mormon men has tempered.

So if I believed in God, I must be able to demonstrate God’s existence. In the immediate aftermath of that relationship, I lost some of my willingness to date non-Mormon men.

For the first time, I had been forced to face some of the problems that could arise when dating a non-Mormon.

It was the talking like that in a boring old parking garage that hooked me on that first date.

And in those conversations Mormonism came up several times.

And when it’s a man as interesting and intelligent as I knew J(wh) to be, I definitely say yes.

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