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'After getting called disgusting last night, I successfully dropped 200lbs!!

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Miranda Baker, 18, took to Twitter on Sunday and shared two images: one of herself posed with a man, and another with him cropped out of the picture.(CNN) -- There were no scars, no bruises to indicate the abuse Allyson Pereira, a 16-year-old high school sophomore in New Jersey, had suffered. She said he gave her an offer: Text him a naked picture of herself, and he would get back together with her. Pereira, who was featured in the MTV anti-digital dating abuse campaign, "A Thin Line," in December, has been speaking out against the growing problem of digital dating abuse among teens.Her emotional pain was caused by her high school boyfriend, who blitzed her with cruel comments via instant messages, e-mails and My Space, calling her ugly and accusing her of cheating. Pereira, now 21, regrets sending her boyfriend the topless picture that was subsequently forwarded to other students in her high school. In the MTV documentary, Pereira's parents and friends also warned about the consequences of sexting photos like the one that caused Pereira such pain.She says she’s happy she shared the message: “I’ve gotten messages from woman telling me they were in awful and abusive relationships.Although mine wasn’t abusive, I felt like I was helping these women.” Meanwhile, a woman, 24, who got trapped after throwing her poo out the window has broken her silence on "the worst Tinder date ever".Abusive teens may also exert their control by preventing their partners from using technology, experts say.

About 10 percent of teens interviewed say a romantic partner stopped them from using a computer or cell phone.

Machismo takes forms in various ways and often is culturally ingrained within Latinx communities.

Machismo within our Latinx communities is most commonly presented in sets of heavily enforced gender norms and expectations.

Miranda added that she ended up leaving the formal to meet up with her friends because she was 'done with him.' 'About an hour later he called me, yelling at me to apologize for leaving him! 'I said, "I will not apologize for leaving you after you called me disgusting and unattractive."'Miranda's post quickly went viral, earning nearly 300,00 likes and more than 33,000 retweets. And one hopeful guy named Noah added: 'I think you need to gain a healthy 165 now.' Although the overall response was positive, one person named Kennedy took to the comments section to defend Miranda's date.

Plenty of people took to the comments section to praise her for the post, with one person named Tyler Darden tweeting: No idea who you are but I'm rolling on the floor right now. 'It's really funny when no one knows the ACTUAL truth about what happened.

I was born in Cairo, Egypt but my […] What is Machismo?