Updating cell phone towers

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Updating cell phone towers - intimidating looking girl

This meter is much cheaper than the Tenmars below because it only measures radiation coming from one direction, whereas the Tenmars meter below measures radiation coming from all sides.

So the first component of protecting your kids from wireless radiation involves testing and measuring their daily environment for Wi Fi signal strength – school, home, dance or gymnastics studio, friends’ houses, etc.

So if you get an unsafe reading in your child’s classroom, for example, you won’t know whether that’s due to the Wi Fi or the lighting in the room – so you would need to turn off all the lights and unplug anything in the room.

But again, if you don’t care about the details and budget is key, then this one may meet your needs.

Also like the one above, this one is only a single-axis meter.

So if you want to measure the radiation in any given spot, you need to rotate and point the meter at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading.

This meter covers 50 Hz – 3 GHz – so it will give you readings for most cell phones, wireless computers and cell towers. E-Alert Meter (.95) – Another really simple RF meter – but like the one above, this one also measures magnetic fields, which is either a beneficial feature, or a confusing one – depending on your needs.

However, the newer generation of cordless phones and other technology on the 5.8 GHz frequency will not be picked up by this meter. This one also does not give actual readings, but just has different colored lights: green-safe, yellow-caution, and red-unsafe.Also like the meter above, this one is only single-axis.So you’ll have the same tedium of having to measure at 8 different points/directions around in a complete circle – pausing at each new point to let it pick up the new reading – to get an idea of what radiation exists in any one spot.As a mom, you’ll likely want to test primarily for: If you can’t be bothered to read through the detailed meter descriptions below and you just want to know: What’s the cheapest, easiest meter that can measure pretty much everything?Then this Cornet 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional 9.90 free shipping) will cover all your needs.It will not tell you the exact level of radiation, but will simply light up a warning if the radiation falls at pre-determined categories of green-safe, yellow-caution, and red-unsafe.

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