Over accomodating mother

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Over accomodating mother - sam worthington dating lara bingle

He was always being stopped in the street and asked for his autograph. I am sure that if this man was traced he might be a great taggart the 2nd.I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I am sure that a little detective work might locate him. His personality and easy going manner were so like Mark Mc Manus you would think they were twins. I will be flying home in August for a family wedding.

I'm really excited about the new epsiodes, the one nest wednesday sounds really good. I wanted to know if there will be a Taggart convention this year and if so how would I go about attending?To remind you of what here looked like in his uniform on & off the screen here is a photo of him at work. watching Taggart this evening, at the beginning of the episode, DS Reid is in her car alone, driving.In the background there is a piece of music playing which sounds like a trumpet instrumental.In 1994 I met a chauffeur in London (Fleet Street) who was from Glasgow.This man was the - even his voice and accent was identical.There was a synopsis in the radio times that said something like at the end of the episode one of the most popular characters suffers a sudden and possibly fatal assault! Also do you know how to go about getting signed pictures of the cast.

I was lucky enough to meet Alex Norton and Blythe Duff outside my University earlier in the year when they were fillming and I would like to complete my collection.

I was born in glasgow & lived in maryhill most of my life but now live in nottinghamshire.

I started to watch it when my Dad was an extra in some of the episodes, he was one of the undertakers William (bill) Harper, he worked for the company T & R O'Brians.

I'm pretty sure it was aired in 1992 but I'm not sure!

I have narrowed it down to one of the following, episode 18-Double exposure, 19-Violent delights, 20-The hit man, 22-Ring of deceit. I would be grateful if you could confirm the name of the episode & tell me were i can get a copy Hope to here from you soon Kenneth Bradford. It's got to be one of the fab four, but I don't think its Burke, because he's already been shot!

He was hit over the back of the head, the momentum of which sent him tumbling into the water below.